Nephron Corporation is an independent dialysis provider located in northeast suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

Established in 1990, Nephron Corporation was the first  center in Gwinnett County to provide chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) training.

It has grown on its mission to provide the best care without compromise.


“We want our patients to feel at home and be part of our extended family.”



Our Hemodialysis centers are nothing short of state of the art, designed by Dr. Shah, a physician serving dialysis patients for over 30 years. From individual patient TV's, Trendelenburg Capable yet very comfortable dialysis chairs,these facilities were created with the patients' need and health in mind and a deep understanding of what a patient truly needs​ to successfully and comfortably complete dialysis.

Further, Nephron Corporation has partnered with Kidney Hypertension Clinic , a Nephrology and Chronic Kidney Disease specialty practice . 

Each of our dialysis clinics are located in the same building as the Kidney Hypertension Clinic's nephrology practice. This means that our patients are seen by Every one of our physicians on an incredibly regular basis. The Board Certified and Highly Experienced Physician is there to resolve and address any medical issues or emergencies that may occur while undergoing treatment leading to reduced hospitalizations an Longevity for our patients.

If one of our patients do end up in the hospital, those same physicians will be in the hospital system surrounding our clinics. This continuity of care prevents patients from being misdiagnosed, or over prescribed. It enables our patients to recover quickly and for any dialysis treatments to be instantly adjusted. 

We utilize prescription courier service provided by dialysis specialty pharmacy to ensure treatment is never compromised and any contraindicative medications. With a round the clock pharmacist, Dietician, and social worker, our team will work together to push compliance and provide our patients with the best chance of success! 

We are With You Every Step of the Way!